Peize Sun (孙培泽)

sunpeize AT foxmail DOT com

I am a PhD student in Computer Science Department, The University of Hong Kong, advised by Prof. Ping Luo. My research interest is computer vision. I also work closely with Autonomous Driving Group, Mechanical Systems Control Lab, UC Berkeley.

Previously, I was a research intern at Megvii(Face++), mentored by Boxun Li and Dr. Gang Yu. I obtained my bachelor and master degree from Electrical Engineering Department, Xi'an Jiaotong University.

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PolarMask: Single Shot Instance Segmentation with Polar Representation

Enze Xie*, Peize Sun*, Xiaoge Song*, Wenhai Wang, Xuebo Liu, Ding Liang, Chunhua Shen, Ping Luo

CVPR 2020 (Oral) arXiv / Code


Double Anchor R-CNN for Human Detection in a Crowd

Kevin Zhang*, Feng Xiong*, Peize Sun, Li Hu, Boxun Li, Gang Yu
Tech report arXiv

TextSR: Content-Aware Text Super-Resolution Guided by Recognition

Wenjia Wang*, Enze Xie*, Peize Sun, Wenhai Wang, Lixun Tian, Chunhua Shen, Ping Luo
Tech report arXiv

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